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DIY Montessori Pull Up Bar for Babies

When Baby C pulled herself up for the first time, it was an exciting milestone. A new beginning. From then on, there was no stopping our little bean. She went from crawling to cruising so fast!  But we quickly realized she didn’t have much to work with. The only furniture around to cruise was our […]

DIY AC Unit Cover

When we moved into our new home a year ago, our backyard was completely hardscaped. We couldn’t wait to get started on some DIY backyard projects and breathe new life into our outdoor space.  The first thing we needed to do was figure out how to hide an AC unit. The exposed air conditioner in […]

Gallery Wall “floating” Shelf

Keeping on our gallery wall theme. Here is how we made the “floating” shelf.What you will need for this project: –       2 plywood storage boxes from the dollar store –       2 planks of wood –       Wood glue –       Clamps –       L shaped brackets and screws –       Sander or sandpaper –       Jig saw or drywall knife –       Circular saw –       Electric drill 1.     Prep your wood boxes […]