Grandmas Beanbag Chair

While we were pregnant with baby C we had 3 of our grandparents pass away. Beyond naming her after all 3 of them, we are always looking for ways to instil their memory in C. So when Abby went back home to Vancouver to help pack up her grandma’s home after she passed, she found these two gorgeous fringed circular tablecloths. We knew we had to make something for Cs already pretty fringy room these this find.

Before  We have attached affiliate links at the end of this post at no additional charge to you. We will earn a commission when you link though and purchase.Before

We have attached affiliate links at the end of this post at no additional charge to you. We will earn a commission when you link though and purchase.

What you will need for this project:

– 2 pieces of the same sized fabric

– A sewing machine/a lot of patience/ or a very kind sister who will sew for you!

– Zipper

– Needle and thread that match your fabric, or doesn’t match, depending on your aesthetic

– Stitch ripper, for all your mistakes. We learn from our mistakes so don’t be afraid to make them! We make them ALL THE TIME!

– Sewing pins

– All the bean bag filler you can find! We used 3 large bags

Photo_1567215706428.jpgNow, fabric and sewing is not a strong skill for either of us so we outsourced the sewing part to Abby’s sister. She simply used her sewing machine to sew a tight stitch around the perimeter of the 2 cloths leaving about 8 inches open to add a zipper and beanbag filler later.

I got this image off a quick google search, it shows what I’m trying to explain above!


Now that Abby’s sister had done all the hard work, it was time for us to do the messy work! Pouring those bean bags was no easy task, but we managed.

After the bag was full, Abby hand-sewed the zipper around the opening, making sure to keep the stitches very close together so no beans could sneak out.

To ensure it is fully sealed up, do the shake test. That’s right, shake that bean bag in every direction and see if any little beans fall out.  ♪♪♪♪Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your bean bag, shake your bean bag♪♪♪♪!!

Now plonk that hard working butt of yours down and enjoy your new chair!



Things we learned from this projects/What we would have done differently:

-the pouring of the beans is a 2 person job! Be prepared for a mess. These bad boys are staticky! We found the vacuum worked best for clean up as our hands just moved them around and increased our mess.

-You need way more beans than you think! We only bought one large bag to begin with but ended up having to use 3!

-We probably would have used a bigger zipper if we were better at using the sewing machine – this would have made it easier to pour the beans in.

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