Dip Dye Dining Room

The first project we did with the DIY chalk paint was create a dip dyed look for our Ikea Backaryd table legs and Slahult table top.

We had been looking for a while for a dining room table and couldn’t find anything we liked in any price range. So, as we do, we decided to hack something together to create the perfect fit for our home.Before  We have attached affiliate links at the end of this post at no additional charge to you. We will earn a commission when you link though and purchase.Before

We have attached affiliate links at the end of this post at no additional charge to you. We will earn a commission when you link though and purchase.

 Things you’ll need for this project:

Matt assembled the table legs as much as he could without putting the screws in (in order to not have to paint the screws as well. This is ideal for a couple reasons:

1.     If you paint over your screws you run the risk of not being able to disassemble that piece of furniture again if you get paint in the crevasses, or fuse the screw to the furniture.

2.     It creates a nice aesthetic to have the shiny screws contrast with the chalk paint.

Once it was set up, we placed the legs on a large piece of flat cardboard to protect the floors (you can use a drop cloth or do it outside) and started taping off the area we wanted to keep white.

Abby started by measuring how far from the ground we wanted the paint to start and stuck on a piece of tape to mark the spot. For ours we did just under 7 inches from the floor. That means the diagonal pieces will have a bit more length of white showing but will appear the same length as the other legs.



You’ll want to then tape off the entire area that will be staying white to ensure clean lines at the transition point and that no paint drips on the white area.

Photo_1567262058325.jpgWe used our Chalk paint and a roller brush. We did 3 very thin coats of the paint everywhere that wasn’t taped off.


Once dried we applies 3 coats of water based polyurethane to the legs. This is going to be a high traffic area with little feet kicking away at the table legs and underside. We wanted to make it as indestructible as possible.

Isn’t he a hunk?!Isn’t he a hunk?!

We reassembled and were ready to go! Now to find some dining room chairs so we can actually sit at our new table!


Things we learned from this project:

–       For a smoother finish use a roller or sponge brush. We started with a bristle brush and it was way too streaky

–       For clean lines on your dip dye full your paint off in the direction away from the painted area. This will help any paint that is connected to both the tape and the table will hopefully break off and stay on the table vs breaking off with the tape.

–       We painted the bottom of the table as well. Why? Well, we thought it would look classy. Turns out it doesn’t look like anything at all because you can’t see it! If you lay on the floor and look up it looks great!  But lets’ be honest, how often are you laying under your dining room table?!

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