Autumn gold leaf wreath

I always wanted to be a family that had a different wreath for every occasion. After this project we now have 2, so we are getting there!

I do love autumn colors, but our home is fairly neutral so I didn’t want to embrace a huge bouquet of bright reds and oranges. I opted instead for lots of whites and greens with hints of orange and gold instead.

We have attached affiliate links at the end of this post at no additional charge to you. We will earn a commission when you link though and purchase.

We have attached affiliate links at the end of this post at no additional charge to you. We will earn a commission when you link though and purchase.

What you will need for this project:

–       Plain wreath (I picked one up at the local dollar store)

–       Fake flowers

–       Gold leaf

–       Modge podge

–       Paint brush

–       Hot glue gun & glue



This project really is about feeling the colors, and having it turn out in so many different ways depending on your style.

My first step was to add the gold, I felt like that would help guide how much florals I wanted  and which color arrangement would be best.

I painted the wreath with modge podge where I wanted the gold to be and lightly placed the gold leaf over the glue. I let it dry for an hour before attaching the flowers


The fake flowers I bought were in a bouquet so I started by separating each bunch so I could attach them individually, which would give me more control over the arrangement.


I started with the white flowers as my base, covering the left side of my wreath. For the ones that were still on the stem, I wrapped the stem around the wreath, weaving it in and out. The smaller pieces I hot glued to the base.


I then attached the baby’s breath, using my eye to determine which areas needing filling in.

Next – and probably the most important to this look – I added the small orange flowers. You want to have enough so they make an impact but not take over the entire look. I took all the stems off and glued them exactly where I wanted them. If they were still stemmed it would have been harder to get the stems through the flowers I had already laid.

Matt said it looked too spring-y with all the white, so to finish it off I sparingly placed the green leaves that had fallen off the rest of the flowers to give it an autumn feel.  Thanks Matt!Photo_1567293767411.jpg

I just love how pretty and inviting it makes our entry way. We decided to put it on the inside of our door so we could enjoy it more. The only person who really sees our front door is our mailman (who is great by the way!) but I wanted to enjoy it more than I wanted to impress him.

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– Abby

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