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This is our first Christmas in our new home. Starting new, and going from condo-sized Christmas décor to home-sized Christmas décor is such a treat. You know what else it is though?! It’s not cheap. Buying everything new this year seemed like too much. The bucket we put the tree stand in was an easy and inexpensive project to spruce up the spruce (I know, I know! I couldn’t help myself).

I went to the dollar store and got everything I needed for this project!

● Glue gun and glue sticks

● Scissors

● Jute rope

● A table cloth

● A plastic bucket (make sure its wide enough to hold your tree stand)

I laid the table cloth on the ground underneath the bucket and pulled up the sides to make sure it was sized correctly.

I wanted a pleated look so I firstly pulled up one side of the fabric and folded it to the left creating a pleat. I then hot glued the edge inside the bucket. I repeated this with the fabric directly across from my first pleat. Once 2 sides were glued, I did the same for the other 2 sides

(yes I know it’s a circle, but for this exercise just imagine it’s a square!) Once I had created 4 pleats, I folded any remaining fabric to the left and glued it inside the bucket. I did this until there was no loose fabric left.Photo_1576456711860.jpg

To create the rope loops I used hot glue to secure the end of the rope, waiting until it dries before hot gluing the other side down, creating a loop. I used one long piece instead of small pieces for each individual loop. To make sure each loop was the same size, I doubled back one

loop to measure and then glued it forward.Photo_1576456710387.jpgOnce you’ve created loops along entire perimeter, you can start to string the rope around the entirety of the basket to cover the ends of the loops. For the first few rows you will have to use a lot of tension and wait for the glue to dry fully as you go. But once you are no longer putting the rope over the loops, it’s fast! I only used a bit of hot glue every quarter rotation or so. Just make sure to have good tension and secure every so often!Photo_1576456707886.jpgTo secure the end, I cut the rope at an angle and glued it to the rope above it so it didn’t stick out.Photo_1576456707160.jpgIt looks great and we love it. However it is a bit of an invitation for baby C to pull at it as they are little handles right at baby level! Thankfully she’s not that strong yet!!

Happy Holidays!

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