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Boho Black Out Blinds

I had every intention of doing this project on our master bedroom black out blinds. But as luck had it, someone left an old roll of white black out blinds right behind out house yesterday (I love our magical back alley!). So this project is a bit of a tester. Because so much of DIY is trial and error, I’m going to do this project on a throw away set of blinds and if it goes well I’ll redo it on our master bedroom ones later on.

Gallery Wall “floating” Shelf

Keeping on our gallery wall theme. Here is how we made the “floating” shelf.What you will need for this project: –       2 plywood storage boxes from the dollar store –       2 planks of wood –       Wood glue –       Clamps –       L shaped brackets and screws –       Sander or sandpaper –       Jig saw or drywall knife –       Circular saw –       Electric drill 1.     Prep your wood boxes […]